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Actors Sean McClane, Sandy York and Ray Faiola (left to right)
perform a staged reading of "Sorry, Wrong Number"
at Shadowland Stages in Ellenville, NY.


By Germain Lussier Times Herald-Record Posted: March 18, 2009 - 2:00 AM

ELLENVILLE - Two cameras, three microphones and seven actors tried to re-create 1943 at the Shadowland Theatre in Ellenville on Saturday. The group was filming a staged reading of Lucille Fletcher's play "Sorry, Wrong Number," which was later made into an Oscar-nominated film starring Barbara Stanwyck and Burt Lancaster.

What made this reading extra special, though, is that it's destined to be a special extra. It will be included on a two-disc DVD of the film, to be released by Paramount Home Video later this year.

The event was the brainchild of part-time Ellenville resident Ray Faiola, Director of Audience Services at CBS, and DVD producer Gary Khammar, whose company, Light, Source & Imagery, was given the job of putting together the materials for the DVD. With a full second disc to fill, Khammar felt like a documentary and restaging of the play might be in order. Since the play was originally broadcast on CBS Radio, he called someone there for information. That person happened to be Faiola.

"As a result of that chance call looking for materials, photos and someone to talk about CBS Radio in the '40s, we stumbled on the fact he had just what I was looking for," Khammar said. Faiola was not only familiar with the play and movie, but as a board member at the Shadowland, he had access to an old theater and a plethora of actors. The pieces were set.

"We wanted to maintain the spirit of the original production, but at the same time this is a new production with new actors and we want each of them to make it their own," Faiola said.

The play, about an invalid woman who hears a murder plot when phone wires get crossed, comes across perfectly when told with simple sounds and voices.

"It's fun," said lead actress Sandy York. "It's a nice, classic genre piece."

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Finally, Chelsea Rialto Studios has, for several seasons, produced a series of OTR recreations under the umbrella title TERROR AT THE MIKE. These Halloween-themed programs have been performed live-on-stage at Shadowland, each evening featuring two plays as well as commercial playletts for our series sponsors.