Yes, Virginia, people are still recording and compiling great music on CDs. Film music experts James V. DíArc, who has overseen the Max Steiner collection at Brigham Young University, and Steiner aficionado Ray Faiola have collaborated on an impressive three-disc collection of noir-ish themes and cues from Steinerís post-WW2 years at Warner Bros. The music, like the films, may not be the greatest, but they bear that unmistakable sound of the Warner Bros. orchestra and are great fun to listen to. I never thought much of The Unsuspected but having heard its score Iím curious to watch it again. Youíll also hear music from Caged!, Key Largo, The Breaking Point, and Backfire, among others. I also love listening to Steinerís scores for the original theatrical trailers (imagine!) and some discarded takes. His concertmaster Eleanor Slatkin apologizes for goofing up in one instance, and in another open-mike moment Steiner says of a beautiful rendition, ďIt wasnít very good anyway.Ē It was that quest for perfection that set him apart. Available from Screen Archives Entertainment  You can even sample many of the tracks before buying.